Smart ForFour EQ 60kW EQ Pulse Premium 17kWh 5dr Auto [22kWch] Review

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Smart ForFour EQ 2020 LHD press tracking

The Smart Forfour has undoubted plus points. For a start it's one of the least expensive electric cars on sale to buy outright, undercutting both the Renault Zoe (if you don’t lease the battery) and the VW e-Up. It's also zippy and easy to drive in town, thanks in part to its super-tight turning circle, and it's pretty well equipped, too. However, it's not all rosey. The ride and handling aren't very good, the boot is tiny, there's not a vast amount of space inside, but worst of all for an electric car, the range is very poor next to its best rivals. Unless you literally need an electric car solely for town, the range issue is the biggest reason that we’d suggest going for the Renault Zoe instead.

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Trim: Pulse Premium

Engine: 60kW EQ

Key information

0-62 MPH12.7 seconds
Fuel TypeElectric
MPGOfficial overall fuel economy figure


Urban: NMotorway: N
Boot CapacityHow much space is there?



EmissionsOfficial emissions rating