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If ever a car was preordained to go electric, surely it’s the Smart Fortwo. In fact, the idea of a locally polluting petrol engine in a car designed strictly for clogged and smogged cities seems antediluvian when you think about it. Why wouldn’t you adopt electric power for a town car, especially as the charging infrastructure is growing year on year, and there are plenty of incentives?

 Like what, you might well ask? For a start, you get a government grant to help towards the purchase price. Then there’s absolution from the daily financial pain of the London Congestion Charge. You can even score free parking in many boroughs and, of course, there’s no more fretting about the rising cost of petrol.

The above applies to all electric cars, not just the Smart, of course. So, with that in mind, is the Fortwo EQ the electric city car of choice? Little else matches its dinky proportions, that’s for sure, but price-wise the Renault Zoe and Volkswagen e-Up are in the ballpark, so why not carry on reading our review to find out how the Fortwo EQ compares.

After all that, we can even save you a pretty penny on any city car, not just the Smart; head over to our New Car Buying page by clicking here to find out how much.

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