Used Suzuki Grand Vitara 4x4 2005-2014 review


(2005 - 2014)
Suzuki Grand Vitara 4x4 (05-14)
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What alternatives should I consider to a used Suzuki Grand Vitara 4x4?

When the Suzuki Grand Vitara first came out, we tested it against the Nissan X-Trail and Kia Sportage. Both of these rivals beat the Vitara in the test, and today the X-Trail in particular looks like a better buy. It’s no more expensive than the Grand Vitara, has a nicer interior and is far more comfortable on the move.

It’s also worth trying a Honda CR-V which is also more comfortable than the Grand Vitara and endowed with a smarter interior. The CR-V also has an excellent reputation for reliability, especially in petrol form.

A Land Rover Freelander is also worth a look. It feels more upmarket than the other cars here, and with its squishy ride it’s also very comfortable. Just don’t expect it to handle as sweetly as the Suzuki, and keep in mind its less-than-perfect reputation for reliability – and the fact that prices are slightly higher, meaning you won't get as nice an example for your cash.

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Suzuki Grand Vitara 4x4 (05-14)
Suzuki Grand Vitara 4x4 (05-14)
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The Suzuki Grand Vitara is a compact 4x4 that’s capable off the road, but crude to drive on it.

  • Great looks
  • Off-road ability
  • Spacious five-door
  • Harsh ride
  • Too much engine and road noise
  • High running costs