Used Suzuki Grand Vitara 4x4 2005-2014 review

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(2005 - 2014)
Suzuki Grand Vitara 4x4 (05-14)
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Which used Suzuki Grand Vitara 4x4 should I buy?

On the face of it the diesel version of the Suzuki Grand Vitara seems like the one to have. It’s the most economical in a thirsty line-up, and its extra mid-range punch gives it more usable performance than the smaller petrol engines.

It’s undoubtedly the one to choose if you plan to use your Vitara for frequent motorway journeys. That way, the particulate filter will clean itself frequently and you should avoid expensive problems.

But if you don’t do lots of miles, we reckon the 2.4-litre petrol is the best option. In the real world, it isn’t much thirstier than the diesel, and it offers a whole lot more power. What’s more, it’s smoother and more pleasant to drive, and because it’s mechanically much simpler, it may well end up being more reliable, too.

Our favourite Suzuki Grand Vitara: 2.4 SZ5 5dr


Suzuki Grand Vitara 4x4 (05-14)
Suzuki Grand Vitara 4x4 (05-14)
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