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What should I look for in a used Suzuki Jimny 4x4?

This is a small and fairly tough car that will have been used in urban areas. So it’s worth checking the bodywork for any light scuffs and dents. Make sure the electrical items inside all work as they should and that the rear seats fold. Check the side-hinged rear door too, for any signs of excess wear. Also look at the condition of the spare tyre, housed on the rear tailgate. 

The Jimny will also have been used off-road, so check the undersides of the car for damage to the front and the rear, where it may have either gone off-road or back on-road. Have a good look round the car for any obvious signs of damage from off-road excursions. 

Reported problems with this generation of Jimny are very few, so far. This generation of Jimny didn’t feature in it, but Suzuki as a brand finished in a highly respectable third place in our most recent reliability survey.  

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