DDiS SZ-T 5dr

  • Overall verdict4/5
  • What it's like to drive4/5
  • Running costs5/5
  • Quality4/5
  • Average MPG60 mpg

Quick off the mark,good brakes,good price(mine was 5months old),60mpg average over motorway runs at 70 mph measured tank to tank (computer is accurate also) and only 2500 miles on engine so should get better. Some commented on ride and steering but mine is good with tyres at 36psi(check tyres are not at 45psi as mine were !). Seems manufacturers are using max tyre pressure to get max mpg at the cost of ride quality not to mention could be dodgy in summer temps.Cabin space and seats excellent(previous Mazda 6 seats fell apart!). Sat nav is good except for the constant disclaimer prompt at ignition on. Radio/ cd, SD and usb options included.(my entire collection is now on sdcard ).Mine has extra tweeter speakers and sound is good. Not too noisy at 80mph (Dublin trips) sound in cabin 70db (tinnitus caused by too many noisy cabins over 30 years driving ).Reviews have mentioned no lift in sixth gear at motorway speeds but this is common on many diesels (its only 120 bhp). Mazda 6 163bhp and bmw 525d also needed to drop a gear at 70 to shift. Engine so far is very quiet (not run in yet) for diesel. Road tax Β£20! Boot space average (can drop spacer floor a bit ).Has a space saver wheel(A must have). Looks good ,alloys get noticed.Good head and leg room(6 foot).Headlights average-got foglightS.Rear camera brill Bad points: No mud guards, alarm,bumper boot guard,adjustable lumbar (retail is 20 grand for Pete's sake!). Glove box lid flimsy.

keith richmond, Antrim, December 3rd 2014


  • Overall verdict5/5
  • What it's like to drive5/5
  • Running costs4/5
  • Quality4/5
  • Average MPG0 mpg

I am very pleased, a great little car. Ok Plastics and finish are not Mercedes quality, but the price is not high. Handling is good, steering positive. High spec and everything intuitive and easy to use. It is comfortable, good mpg, great radio. For me the only negative is blind spots for reversing and slight wind noise. 4X4 is easy to use and works very well on mud and sand. If you need a good but cheap 4X4 this is the car for you. Don

Don Quilty, October 12th 2014


  • Overall verdict3/5
  • What it's like to drive4/5
  • Running costs2/5
  • Quality3/5
  • Average MPG0 mpg

First the bad points from the test drive: The interior quality is good only at first glance. The plastics are cheap compared to the rivals. Yes, there are some rubberized surfaces, but the central console is not looking classy, the gearlever looks a bit cheap, some buttons on the steering wheel also etc. It's not just cosy enough in the car ( I don't expect some luxuries at this price). The ride was a little irritating in town so here it's a bit of compromise, the ride is not excellent or even very good. The fuel consumption for the Allgrip model was a bit of disappointment as well - 35mpg. A normal diesel hatchback on the same route indicates 56mpg. The good points: The diesel motor is very nippy and flexible, it has excellent torque. The steering is direct, the car changes the directions with ease and it's A LOT OF FUN to drive it. The space is good for a young family, the car was not fitted with the panoramic sunroof so the headspace was good also. The luggage space is very good for a length 4.30m. There is a good sound insulation (for a japanese producer is praiseworthy) - tyre and wind noise don't bother you. The engine is not very refined overall but it's very quiet while cruising. The car is very well equipped, it's practical and the price is tempting. Maybe a good choice if you don't need all wheel drive and you're not too demanding about the interior quality.But the ride is not polished enough.

Kiril Petrov, November 20th 2013

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