Used Toyota RAV4 4x4 1994 - 2000 review

Category: Large SUV

Section: Ownership cost

1994 - 2000 review
Toyota RAV4 4x4 (94 - 00)
  • Toyota RAV4 4x4 (94 - 00)
  • Toyota RAV4 4x4 (94 - 00)
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Ownership cost

What used Toyota RAV4 4x4 will I get for my budget?

How much does it cost to run a Toyota RAV4 4x4?

Compared with a conventional hatchback, such as the Ford Focus or Vauxhall Astra, the RAV4 looks pretty expensive to buy and run. However, compared with 4x4 rivals like the Land Rover Freelander or Honda CR-V, costs are far more reasonable.

The real beauty of the car is that it very rarely needs repairs, but when things do go wrong, it can be expensive to put them right, especially compared with a standard hatch. That said, the RAV is no worse than the Honda CR-V in this respect, and labour rates at independent Toyota specialists are low, according to figures from Warranty Direct.

In terms of other running costs, the RAV looks pretty respectable. Insurance in groups 9 and 10 matches its rivals, and you can expect fuel economy of about 30mpg, which beats petrol versions of the CR-V and Freelander.