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Passenger & boot space

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Passenger & boot space

How it copes with people and clutter

The Supra might be lower than a snake’s stomach, but its distinctive ‘double bubble’ roof means head room is decent, even for those over six feet tall. But although the seat slides back a long way to accommodate lanky legs, some will find that they can’t recline their chairs enough because of the high boot floor behind.

The Supra’s width means you sit a fair distance away from your passenger without being squished against the door, but the wide transmission tunnel does encroach on your foot space somewhat.

The boot is accessed via a reasonably large hatch, but it’s a pain to open. For a start, there’s no release on or around the hatch itself, instead you need to reach for a switch on the driver’s door or use the button on the key. Once open, its 290-litre capacity is about what you’d get in a Ford Fiesta, but its shape is anything but square. Still, you’d get a couple of squishy bags for a weekend away in without hassle.

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