Used Vauxhall Meriva MPV 2003 - 2010 review

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Vauxhall Meriva MPV (03 - 10)
  • Vauxhall Meriva MPV (03 - 10)
  • Vauxhall Meriva MPV (03 - 10)

Our recommendations

Which used Vauxhall Meriva MPV should I buy?

There's a good range of engines, and even the smallest are fine for the job, with enough power and flexibility to make purposeful progress, at the same time as incurring only low running costs. The entry-level 1.4 petrol is perfectly adequate, and the 1.6 and 1.8 petrol engines are even more punchy.

Of the two diesels, the 1.3 CDTi is a bit slow, but the 1.7 CDTi offers lots more grunt, especially in the mid-range. However, prices for these diesel models are steep, so most people will be better off going for one of the petrols instead.