Used Vauxhall Tigra Coupe 1994 - 2001 review

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1994 - 2001 review
Vauxhall Tigra Coupe (94 - 01)
  • Vauxhall Tigra Coupe (94 - 01)
  • Vauxhall Tigra Coupe (94 - 01)
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Which used Vauxhall Tigra coupe should I buy?

With only two engines available, there isn't much choice. The 1.4 16v unit produces 89bhp, and the 1.6 16v gives 104bhp, but there isn't much different in performance between the two, so the 1.4 is a better buy, as it's cheaper to run.

That said, steer clear of any 1.4 car fitted with the optional four-speed auto 'box as it doesn't do anything for performance and dulls the overall drive. There was only a five-speed manual on the 1.6-litre.

When you're shopping, buy the latest car you can, especially one from after 1997, when Lotus tuned the suspension and improved the handling noticeably. What's more, throughout the car's life, the range was revised with ever-higher levels of kit as standard.

Finally, choose your colour carefully, as there were some unusual ones (such as a light metallic green) available when the car was new. These look strange today, so pick one that will ensure your car is easy to sell on for a good price.