Used Vauxhall Vectra Estate 1995 - 2002 review

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Vauxhall Vectra Estate 1995 - 2002
  • Vauxhall Vectra Estate 1995 - 2002
  • Vauxhall Vectra Estate 1995 - 2002

Our recommendations

Which used Vauxhall Vectra estate should I buy?

The great thing about the Vectra is that there are loads about, and independent traders and classifieds have a huge choice. But, a face-lift in March 1999 brought significant improvements to the Vectra, so stick to cars made from then onwards.

These all have remote central locking, deadlocks, front airbags and anti-lock brakes, although the LS adds electric front windows and a sunroof. GLS and CD trims also come with air-con, alloy wheels and electric heated door mirrors. CDX has climate control and, on 2.5 cars, leather trim. Specification was improved further in September 2000 but, irrespective of its vintage, a GLS or CD offers good value. SRi is the sports trim, and 2.5 V6 GSi cars are plush and more powerful (192bhp). Steer clear of the 1.8-litre petrols and the 2.0 Di, especially if you regularly carry heavy loads or tow. The 2.0 DTi isn't refined, but the 2.2 DTi is a decent diesel. The 2.0-litre is acceptable, but the later 2.2 is better. The V6s (2.5 or, later, 2.6) are strong performers and recommended if you don't mind the fuel bill.