TSI SE 5dr

  • Overall verdict5/5
  • What it's like to drive5/5
  • Running costs5/5
  • Quality5/5
  • Average MPG46 mpg

Having had a new BMW X1 with a diesel engine that was so noisy and changing it after only six weeks, I decided i no longer wanted to have another diesel engine car. Yes almost all car reviewers say they recommend the diesel engine I find it is not always the best option. So i bought the VW Golf SV with a 1.4 tsi petrol engine with the DSG auto gearbox. Wow is this good. Ok only had the car a week and I hope it continues to be this good. It is so quiet and smooth, Fuel consumption seems good at the moment about 46 mpg but early days yet. Build quality seems very good, and it has lots of space and cubby holes. I am in my seventies and find it a great car for getting in and out of. I would say don't be taken in by all the hype of cheap running diesel cars. They cost more to but. diesel is more expensive and they noise can make driving less pleasant.

stuart thomas, Flintshire, March 7th 2015

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