Used Volkswagen Golf 2009 - 2013 review

Ownership cost

(2009 - 2013)
Volkswagen Golf (09 - 13)
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Ownership cost

What used Volkswagen Golf hatchback will I get for my budget?

There are plenty of sixth-generation Volkswagen Golfs to choose from, with prices starting at around £3000 for the earliest, highest-mileage examples. However, we reckon it's a better bet to spend a little more and get a car with average miles of around 10,000 per year, and a full service history, for which you'll need to pay at least £3800. And if you want a diesel model, that figure rises again, to closer to £5000.

You’ll pay significantly more for the sporting models, meanwhile, with good-quality GTIs starting at about £8500. And if you want the seriously potent, four-wheel-drive Golf R, you'll need to budget at least £14,500.

Volkswagen Golf (09 - 13)

How much does it cost to run a Volkswagen Golf hatchback?

The impressive fuel economy of the diesels means fuel stops will be infrequent, with these able to return more than 50mpg in everyday driving.

In addition, many Mk6 Golfs are old enough that you can venture outside the main dealer network, which will save you on servicing; a typical service is likely to cost no more than £150.

Insurance will be comparable to mainstream alternatives, although the sportier GTI, R and GTD versions obviously attract higher premiums.

Consumables, such as tyres, brake parts and wiper blades, can all be bought cheaply from most motor suppliers.


Volkswagen Golf (09 - 13)
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