Used Volkswagen Golf GTI 2013-present review


Used Volkswagen Golf GTI 13-present
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What alternatives should I consider to a used Volkswagen Golf sports?

The Ford Focus ST has fine handling and a great driving position, and on top of that it’s great value for money as a used buy. It’s fun to drive and yet has plenty of room inside for the family. Its steering can fight under hard acceleration, though, and it’s beginning to feel just a little dated in this company.

The Hyundai i30N is a new car here, so there are still relatively few used examples around. However, this is one impressive car, with a responsive engine, great exhaust note, awesome ability on a winding road and it’s well equipped too. It’s not quite as classy all-round as the Golf GTI, but runs it pretty close.

Used Volkswagen Golf GTI 13-present
Used Volkswagen Golf GTI 13-present
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The VW Golf GTI is a superb hot hatch that’s extremely easy to live with. It can be an expensive used buy, but in this class it’s the consummate all-rounder

  • Great handling
  • Strong performance
  • Refined
  • Some rivals are a keener drive
  • Expensive, even used