Used Volvo XC90 2015-present review

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Used Volvo XC90 15-present
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What used Volvo XC90 4x4 will I get for my budget?

Entry to the XC90 club starts at around £25,000, at the time of writing. For this you’ll get a 2015 car, petrol or diesel, with an above average mileage for the year and a full service history, probably from a private seller or trader. Step up to £27,000 and you’ll pick up a similar car from an independent dealer with a lower mileage, while £30,000 should secure you a 2016 car, again either the T6 petrol or D5 diesel, with an average mileage for the year. Expect to pay nearer £35,000 for a 2017 car.  The T8 hybrid models start at about £30,000, although most tend to fall into the £35,000 to £40,000 bracket. 

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Used Volvo XC90 15-present

How much does it cost to run a Volvo XC90 4x4?

On paper, it’s the plug-in hybrid T8 that returns the fuel economy, at a remarkable 134.5mpg. To achieve this, though, the T8 will have to fit into your lifestyle, and it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to get anywhere near that figure in the real world.

Meanwhile, the T6 petrol engine returns a claimed average of 34.9mpg, and the diesel-engined D5 is inevitably more economical at 49.6mpg. Note that, as all models cost in excess of £40,000, those registered after April 2017 will attract a higher-tax VED rate. However, the T8 hybrid model, if registered before that date, will be exempt from road tax. To find out more about the current road tax costs, click here for further information.

Volvo Service Plans are designed to spread servicing costs on an interest-free monthly basis. For cars aged up to four years old, plans can be taken out for two, three, four, five and six years, with each plan covering you for the appropriate number of services to fit your mileage profile and the specification of your Volvo.

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Used Volvo XC90 15-present
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