What can motorists do?

16 June 2008

It's not just about car makers. What we do as individuals also contributes to climate change.

In 2006, 61 billion car journeys were made in the UK – that’s an 80% increase in 25 years. Were all those journeys really necessary? If everyone walked or cycled for three out of every 100 journeys, instead of using their car, that would help to reduce CO2 emissions massively.

We are not talking about draconian government intervention here, just a tiny adjustment on the part of everyone.

However, it's clear that we will have to want to make greener choices, not be forced into them. It may feel as if motoring is more expensive than ever before, but in real terms it’s almost 20% lower than it was 20 years ago. What's more, studies show we'd also continue to use our cars even with significant increases in costs.

Part of the problem is our public transport system, which is in need of a revolution. Many people hardly ever use public transport because of its poor image, poor service and because the majority of vehicles used are of very poor quality.

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