What Car? says

2 out of 5 stars

For The Saxo is cheap to buy and a blast to drive – especially the sporty VTR or VTS

Against It's cramped, and short of kit and safety gear. There are plenty of dodgy ones on sale, too

Verdict The Saxo could be good for a first-timer, but be careful when you're buying - and driving

Go for… 1.6 VTR

Avoid… Any modified cars

Citroën Saxo Hatchback
  • 1. Cars built after the face-lift in 2000 are markedly more reliable
  • 2. The suspension is prone to knocks, and the brake discs will need renewing after a few years, so insist on a good test drive to check them
  • 3. Look under the oil filler cap for thick gunk that signals head gasket failure - and a big repair bill
  • 4. Make sure the coolant system has been regularly maintained. If it hasn't, there may be leaks
  • 5. Don't for one minute the Saxo is a practical car - the boot is tiny
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