Excess Insurance/Protection


Insurance against insurance. Sounds weird, but when it comes to excesses on your car insurance policy, covering yourself for this is actually a really good idea.

For any claim you make, ALA Excess Protection covers the two excesses that you’ll find on just about every car insurance policy: the voluntary one that you agree to pay, and the regulated compulsory one that you’ve got no choice about paying.

The excesses covered by Excess Protection range from £150 to £1,000, and the cost of the cover can be as little as £20. That sounds like a decent investment.

Qualification is easy. Your car can be bought outright, on finance or leased, either privately or from a dealer. There are no conditions on vehicle age or mileage, or on the age of the driver, as long as they have fully comprehensive insurance.

You don’t need to have any other ALA policy in order to get ALA Excess Protection, and the only thing you won’t be covered for is a glass or windscreen claim.

If you do have a GAP policy, and your car is a total loss, up to £250 of your total loss excess will be covered by the GAP insurance. If your excess is more than £250, the Excess Protection will supplement the GAP contribution if your car has been written off.