ALA Keycare


Modern cars are very secure, even when you don’t want them to be. Like for example when you’ve left the keys in the ignition, shut the door and heard the depressing sound of the central locking kicking in of its own accord.

We all know how expensive locksmith callouts are, whether it’s for the car or the house – especially when there are so many other ways to end up with no keys. Like theft, or just plain old loss.

It would make sense, therefore, to get insurance cover for this sort of thing. Happily, anyone with an ALA GAP Insurance policy on their vehicle can do exactly that by taking out a separate ALA Keycare policy*.

Administered by a 24-hour, 365 days a year helpline, ALA Keycare covers you for lost or stolen keys (not just car keys), replacement locks, locksmith charges and all the other nonsense that goes with suddenly unavailable keys. It covers you wherever in the world you may be travelling, and it even pays a £10 reward to anyone who finds your keys – though that probably doesn’t include friends or relatives who might see this as some kind of weird get-rich-slowly scam.

There are a few conditions, normal stuff like ALA Keycare not covering locks or keys that are of a higher standard than the original ones, or costs relating to a damaged or broken key or lock, or those associated with wear and tear. Nor will you be covered for any costs or charges where an arrangement has been made for a locksmith or other tradesman to attend, but you’re not there. You have to report incidents within 30 days, and you’ll need a valid receipt or invoice to back up your claim.

ALA Keycare covers all keys attached to the Keycare fob, and it will replace one car key or up to 3 house keys. The replacement key cover part of the policy includes the cost of reprogramming of any infrared handsets, immobilisers or alarms – another potentially substantial sum. Claiming on ALA Keycare doesn’t involve you paying any sort of excess.

Here’s how Keycare works.

If...ALA Keycare covers...
...your keys have been stolen...replacement key, locksmith charges and new locks
Optional cover for vehicle hire charges
...your keys are locked in your home...locksmith charges to gain access to your home
...your keys are locked in your car AND you have a spare key...locksmith charges and onward travel costs
...your keys are locked in your car AND you don't have a spare key...locksmith charges’ve lost your keys AND you have a spare key...replacement key only (waiting period of 3 days)’ve lost your keys AND you don't have a spare key...replacement key (waiting period of 3 days)
...locksmith charges OR new locks (the latter if no duplicate key is available)
...vehicle hire charges

The annual premium for ALA Keycare is surprisingly low, too – and it’s a whole lot lower than the amount you’d spend on calling out a locksmith.

*Cover can only be purchased where there is no pre-existing event which may give rise to a claim