What Car? says

3 out of 5 stars

For The Stream is roomy and good to drive, and Honda's reliability record is excellent

Against It's not the most versatile MPV and the engines need to be worked hard

Verdict Nice ride and handling, but it can't carry seven people and their luggage

Go for… 2.0-litre SE Sport

Avoid… 1.7 S

Honda Stream MPV
  • 1. The suspension bushes need replacing after 50,000 miles, but it should cost less than £100
  • 2. The exhaust can rot on Streams that are mainly used for short journeys
  • 3. Like most Hondas, the Stream holds its value well, so it's not the cheapest MPV to buy used
  • 4. The two rearmost seats fold flat into the floor when not needed to leave a large and practical boot
  • 5. Choose the 2.0-litre engine - its extra power improves flexibility and refinement
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