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How many different types of vans are there?

Most buyers of vans up to 3.5 tonnes in weight will opt between three distinctive bodystyles, categorised simply as small vans, medium vans and large vans. Increasingly, however, manufacturers are offering electric vans of all sizes too, and we round these up separately in our reviews. You can read our explanations of each category. here

What is the ULEZ?

Many cities in the UK are introducing or planning to introduce ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone) restrictions in a bid to improve air quality and discourage higher-polluting vehicles from entering designated areas, either by banning them altogether or imposing a levy. You can read the latest information here

What type of licence do you need to drive a van?

Different sizes of vans require different types of licence approval, and eligibility for some depends on when you passed your driving test. You should therefore always check a van’s classification and the level of your licence before driving. For more details, click

Do you need a tachograph to drive a van?

Legally, you only need a tachograph if the van – or the van plus any addition to its gross weight, including a trailer – exceeds 3.5 tonnes. However, some employers or insurers will request that you run a tachograph, so it’s best to check requirements before setting off. We have additional information here.

What are the best vans for towing?

Maximum towing weights vary dramatically – by as much as 1.5 tonnes – between vans, so it's crucial to always research an individual van's capabilities. As a general rule, the larger the van, the more it can tow. More detail on the subject can be found here.

What's the speed limit in a van?

A difference in the law for car-based vans and regular vans makes this area difficult, because it’s not always clear which vans fall into which category. As a general rule, all vans must obey 30mph and 70mph limits but drive at 10mph below the posted limit on single and dual carriageways. More detail can be found here.

What new vans are being launched soon?

Van sales have been booming recently due to the rise of the gig economy, and that, coupled with demands for newer, lower-emissions vans to be on our roads, has prompted a rise in the number of new models being launched. You can read our round-up of new vans coming soon here.

What tax do I have to pay on a van?

Vans are subject to VED – often referred to as road tax – in the same way that cars are, while drivers of company-owned vehicles who also use them for private mileage are also expected to pay company car tax. A full round-up of the tax implications for owning or running a van can be found here.

Should I choose an electric van?

More and more manufacturers are launching electric vans in response to legislative pressure to get older, higher-polluting vans off the road and reduce emissions in built-up areas. But is an electric van right for you? You'll find all the information you need to answer that question here.

Is it best to hire, lease or buy a van?

The best way to pay for your van typically revolves around your individual requirements and circumstances. We've rounded up the most common scenarios and given advice on the best options in an article here.