Protect your investment with ALA Insurance

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Fully insured and protected policies

Policies are regulated by the FCA and are also protected under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, so you have that added peace of mind.

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5 Star Defaqto rated policy

ALA Insurance’s GAP policies are all 5 star Defaqto rated, meaning they have been independently evaluated to assess the quality of the features and benefits they offer.

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Covers new, used and pre-reg vehicles

Whether you’ve bought a brand new car or a pre-loved used car, if you’ve paid for it on finance or bought it outright – ALA insurance will have a GAP policy to suit your circumstance.

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Gap insurance advice
What is GAP insurance and how much should you pay for it?


What is GAP Insurance?

GAP insurance protects you from the risk of financial loss by paying you the difference between your insurer’s settlement and the original cost of your car, all from as little as £50

Which policy should I buy if my vehicle is on finance?

If the vehicle has been bought on a purchased-based finance arrangement (Hire Purchase or Personal Contract Purchase) Back to Invoice+ or Vehicle Replacement + would be suitable for you.

What do you mean by level of cover?

The level of cover is set on your GAP policy at the time of purchase and is the maximum amount we will pay in the event of a claim.

How long should a GAP policy last?

GAP insurance cannot be renewed or extended yearly or at the end of the policy. For this reason we suggest that the GAP policy should last for as long as you plan to keep your car.

I bought my vehicle from a private individual, can I still have GAP insurance?

If you have bought your vehicle from a private seller and do not have a VAT invoice, you may be eligible for our Agreed Value GAP policy.