What electric Car? - BMW i3

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  • BMW i3
    BMW i3
    BMW i3
    The BMW i3 comes either as a fully electric model or with a range-extender engine, where an engine makes sure the battery never runs out of charge completely.

    The electric version has a range similar to rivals like the Nissan Leaf, of between 80-100 miles, while the range extender will add a two-cylinder engine to boost the i3's range by 80 miles. The range extender does use petrol therefore, but its CO2 emissions are 13g/km on average.

    The electric version is priced to be competitive with the likes of the Nissan Leaf, and it will cost £30,680 outright, but this price will drop to £25,680 when the Government grant of £5000 is taken into consideration.

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