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Nissan logo Nissan Leaf

Nissan, LEAF Hatchback, Visia Flex 5dr Auto £21,180

ratingsFull spec on What Car?

Tax band: D

Owning a Nissan LEAF offers significantly lower running costs than a standard car. After all, it doesn't use any petrol or diesel, charging it is cheap and it's exempt from road tax and congestion charge costs.

Insurance gp: 19E
Top speed: 89 mph
0-60: 11.3 seconds
Average running costs*2p/mile
Fuel cost per week: £

* From 2p per mile is based on (i) overnight electricity costs (British Gas Standard Tariff unit rates for a Customer paying by Direct Debit as at 1 November 2016, assuming seven hours of charging at the night rate and one hour on the day rate), and (ii) a range of up to 155 miles (LEAF 30kWh) per full charge (assuming 95% efficiency) based on European Driving Cycle. Actual consumption and range may vary due to driving style, road condition, air conditioning use and other factors outside our control.



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The biggest difference between our True MPG fuel economy tests and the official government tests is that ours are conducted in real-world conditions rather than in a laboratory.

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Nissan LEAF

The 100% electric Nissan LEAF

Nissan is a global leader in electric vehicles. Its five-seat LEAF is the world's best-selling 100% electric car, with more than three billion emissions-free kilometres covered since its launch in 2011. Read our full What Car? Nissan LEAF review or get all your electric driving questions answered by Joe Wilkinson below.