For The Suzuki Alto is economical, cheap to insure and has a simple dashboard. Its small size and tight turning circle are great in the city.

Against The boot is tiny and has a high lip. The cabin plastics are poor, the rear windows don’t wind down and the steering is heavy at parking speeds.

Suzuki Alto Hatchback
11 5stars

The Suzuki Alto is cheap to run, but many rivals are more practical and interior quality is disappointing - even at this relatively low price point.

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There are 1 Suzuki Alto versions available

Hatchback 1.0 SZ 5dr £7,199
What Car? says:2 stars out of 5

Buyer's notes

Target Price team says:

The Suzuki Alto is quite cheap to start with, so discounts won't be massive. However, you should be able to haggle a few hundred pounds off at your local Suzuki dealer. If the salesman protests, mention that you're also keen on the Hyundai i10.

It won't take long to decide which Alto you want because there's just one engine and the only optional extra is metallic paint.

The biggest decision you face is whether you can live without air-conditioning: if you can, stick with the entry-level SZ model; if you can't, it's got to be the mid-spec SZ3.

We'd avoid the range-topping SZ4. It comes with lots of standard kit, but there are much better city cars if you're prepared to spend this sort of money.

Every Alto is covered by a three-year 60,000-mile warranty and a 12-year perforation warranty. You also get 24-hour UK and European roadside assistance for three years.

Reader test team says:

Suzuki Alto Hatchback 1.0 SZ 5dr

It is cheap. That cheap what nothing can beat it! Insurance is cheapest on the market. Real petrol mpg almost lowest NO car tax. Non existing running…

Julija Murina

4 out of 5 stars
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Suzuki Alto Hatchback

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