New Volkswagen Polo vs Seat Ibiza

The Seat Ibiza’s reign as the best small car around is under threat from Volkswagen’s new Polo. We find out how they stack up...

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What Car? team
10 February 2017

Our verdict

Rarely are two cars so closely matched. In fact, the Ibiza and Polo have traded blows to end up tied for overall points.

So which should you choose? Well, if your priorities are a properly cushy ride and peaceful cruising manners, or you happen to be a company car driver, we’d point you in the direction of the Polo. It is, without a doubt, a brilliant small car that majors on comfort but has no major weaknesses.

But then neither does the Ibiza. Yes, it doesn’t ride quite as smoothly, but neither is it in the least bit fractious. Plus, it’s more fun to drive, more lavishly equipped and will cost private buyers a not inconsiderable amount less to buy and own. The margins are small, but the Ibiza wins the day.

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1st – Seat Ibiza

New Volkswagen Polo vs Seat Ibiza

For More fun to drive; more standard kit; cheaper to buy and own; bigger boot

Against Firmer ride; more hard plastics inside; pricier servicing

Rated 5 out of 5

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2nd – Volkswagen Polo

New Volkswagen Polo vs Seat Ibiza

For Smarter interior; less engine and tyre noise; cheaper company car; supple ride

Against Higher monthly PCP costs; sat-nav, auto wipers and cruise control cost extra

Rated 5 out of 5

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Also consider:

Specifications: Seat Ibiza 1.0 TSI 95 FR

Engine 3cyl, 999cc, turbo, petrol

List price £16,015

Target Price £13,876

Power 94bhp @ 5000-5500rpm

Torque 129lb ft @ 1500-3500rpm

Gearbox 5-spd manual

0-60mph 10.1sec

Top speed 113mph

Gov't fuel economy 60.1mpg

True MPG 54.0mpg

CO2 emissions 106g/km

Specifications: Volkswagen Polo

Engine size 3cyl, 999cc, turbo, petrol

List price £15,930

Target Price £15,325

Power 94bhp @ 5000-5500rpm

Torque 129lb ft @ 2000-3500rpm

Gearbox 5-spd manual

0-60mph 10.2sec

Top speed 116mph

Gov't fuel economy 64.2mpg

CO2 emissions 101g/km


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