'Torrent' of new models from VW

02 December 2005

  • VW plans new coupes, roadsters, and 4x4s
  • Sporty roadster will be first, expected in spring 2007
  • Beduin compact 4x4 anticipated in same year

Computer generated images by Schulte

Volkswagen is developing a secret string of new coupes, roadsters and off-roaders which exploit the platforms of existing models.

Our exclusive computer-generated images reveal how the manufacturer's portfolio will proliferate over the next few years, with what it calls a 'torrent of new models'.

One of the first to arrive will be the company's sportiest ever car, a roadster based on the current Golf, and taking its design cues from the Concept R study. Expect to see it in showrooms in the spring of 2007.

The same year should also mark the arrival of the Bedouin, a compact 4x4 which is also built upon the Golf platform. Originally this was scheduled to go on sale in 2006, but its progress is thought to have been delayed as Volkswagen tries to drive its cost down.

An off-roader version of the Passat estate, similar to the Audi Allroad, would also be a relatively simple job for the manufacturer.

More drastic surgery on the Passat would create a four-door coupe in a similar mould to the Mercedes CLS.

We expect this car to go on sale in 2008 along with a smaller, two-door coupe which revives the spirit of the Scirocco.

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