Alfa to call new supermini Furiosa

19 November 2007

Alfa 's new supermini is set to be called the Furiosa when it goes on sale next summer.

Unusually, the name has been decided in a public poll across six nations: Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Japan and Britain.

A shortlist for the car - originally known within Alfa as the Junior - was drawn up, with voters choosing from Agea, Enos, Everso, Fira, Furiosa, Milo, Mod, Nevo, Solea, Sparvo, Velvetta and Ventura.

Furiosa translates from Italian as 'mad' or 'furious' and topped the overall voting.

However, in Spain and Japan, Velvetta was voted top, while Germany put Ventura first and Britain opted for Fira. Only Italy and France put Furiosa at the head of the list.

Yet there could still be a twist to the final naming process, as a Fiat source has told that the company may step in.

'It [Furiosa] doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, does it?' he said.

'It's an interesting place to start the discussion about the car’ eventual name, but don't be surprised if we call the thing something else altogether.

'No amount of public pressure will force Alfa to choose a name it isn't totally happy with.'

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