Audi considers iPhone link

14 August 2007

  • US buyers can access iPhone in car
  • iPod compatibility possible, too
  • Audi UK considers following suit


Audi buyers could soon have in-car access to Apple's iPhone when the gadget goes on sale in the UK later this year.

Audi is in talks with Apple to make its cars compatible with the new phone.

The iPhone prompted mass excitement when it was launched in the USA earlier this year, with more than 500,000 being sold on its opening weekend.

The iPhone allows users to make a phone call by tapping a name or number in the address book with their finger.

It also automatically downloads all contacts from a PC, Mac, or internet service.

Because of this facility, Audi has made its US models with Bluetooth capability compatible with the iPhone.

This gives drivers the ability to make and receive hands-free calls, as well as providing a signal strength indicator and allowing access to call lists.

If the car is fitted with Audi's Music Interface system, which is available as an option on A5, A6, A8 and Q7 models, it will also connect with the iPhone's iPod capabilities.

Audi UK has now confirmed that it is in discussions to follow its US counterparts, although it stressed that no definite decisions had been made.

No firm date has been set for the iPhone's sale in the UK, but it is expected to be available before Christmas. Reports suggest an 8GB phone will cost about £330.

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