Biofuel: exempt from congestion charge?

18 July 2006

London motorists could save money if they switch to ethanol-powered cars.

Saab and the Association of United Kingdom Oil Independents - which includes supermarket chain Morrisons - is in discussion with London Mayor Ken Livingstone to make bioethanol cars exempt from the Congestion Charge, or at least have a lower charge for biofuel vehicles.

Bioethanol is a form of alcohol derived from crops, and Saab claims this fuel cuts carbon dioxide emissions by 70%.

Deputy Mayor Nicky Gavron is said to be positive about the proposals. A spokesman for Transport for London said that a car manufacturer would have to register the model with the Energy Savings Trust who would then decide whether it was eligible or not for a Congestion Charge exemption.

Saab is pushing its green credentials at this month's British Motor Show, with three bio-ethanol-powered cars on its stand.

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