BMW M5 Touring - first details

10 January 2007

BMW has released the first details of its forthcoming M5 Touring model - and has also revealed a face-lifted 5 Series range.

The M5 Touring is powered by a 5.0-litre V10 petrol engine developing 507bhp and 384 lb ft of pulling power - that's enough to take the car to 60mph in 4.8sec, just 0.1sec behind the saloon. If it wasn't for a speed limiter restraining the car to 155mph, BMW says the car would be capable of 200mph.

To keep everything steady on the road, there's a stability and traction control system, which allows the driver to push the car to the limit of its traction - and even beyond. M Dynamic mode lets you push the car hard, even allowing some sideslip and counter-steering before the system cuts in.

In terms of styling, you can distinguish the M5 Touring from the conventional 5 Series by its larger front air dam, side sills, side vents and a rear valance with quadruple exhaust pipes - as well as the famous 'M' badge.

The first cars will be built in March, and will be priced at £67,075.

Face-lifted 5 Series
The 5 Series has received a mid-life makeover, and the changes are far from cosmetic - every engine in the range has been improved in some way, or is altogether new.

A new injection system is the key to the improved performance in the existing engines - BMW calls it 'High-Precision Fuel Injection'. In essence, it means that the injectors deliver a precise amount of fuel mixture exactly when required - a measure which improves fuel economy and performance.

Power goes to the wheels through a standard six-speed manual gearbox (unless you choose a 535d model, which has an automatic gearbox). An option is an all-new automatic gearbox which has paddle-shifts on the steering wheel - it's available on 550i, 540i, 535d and 530d models.

Another feature of the new cars is Brake Energy Regeneration. This system uses power from the engine which is otherwise lost when you brake. Using a 'smart' alternator, it charges the car's battery when braking. BMW says it provides an average of three per cent reduction in fuel consumption and emissions.

BMW also furnishes the face-lifted 5 Series with a lane departure warning system - a camera mounted on the interior mirror keeps track of the white lines on the road, and if the car crosses the white line without steering input or without the indicators being used, the driver is warned by a vibration in the steering wheel.

The new car is also scheduled to be built in March, and prices start from £26,980 for the 520d SE saloon to £49,805 for the 550i M Sport Touring.

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