Britain's motorways are Europe's worst

21 November 2007

Campaigners are calling for more investment in the road network after new research showed that Britain's motorways are the most congested in the European Union.

The annual Road File report, which compiles road statistics published by the Road Users' Alliance (RUA), reveals that Britain has more cars per motorway mile than any other EU nation.

The RUA, which campaigns for better roads in Britain, says the results highlight the poor treatment of motorists by the Government.

The group says that UK road users contributed £45 billion to the Treasury in taxes in 2006, but only £7.5 billion was reinvested. It has also hit out at other measures aimed at penalising motorists, such as local road pricing.

A RUA spokesman said: 'We have failed to grasp that our prosperity depends on our roads. They carry 92% of our passenger traffic and 88% of our freight.

'If we want to get Britain moving again, we must first resolve to give the majority of our travellers, the British motorists, the road network they need and are paying for many times over.'

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