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Buyers prefer saving cash to the planet

22 May 2007

Running costs are more important to car buyers than the environment, according to a new survey by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).

Only 13% of motorists said low carbon dioxide output was more important to them than low running costs - 29% of drivers voted for running costs.

The SMMT's survey echoes results in our own whatcar.com poll in which motorists put green issues behind price, equipment and image in the issues that influence their purchasing decision.

In our poll, just 12% said the environment was the most important factor when it came to buying a new car, even though 86% of whatcar.com readers think more needs to be done to encourage greener motoring.

Chief executive of the SMMT Christopher Macgowan said: 'It seems that the pocket is still more important to buyers than the environment. This is why it is so important that we continue to push the message that low-carbon cars and low-cost motoring can go hand-in-hand.'

• The August issue of What Car?, on sale on Thursday, June 7, comes with a free 'Drive Greener and Save the Planet' supplement. It's packed with tips and advice to show you how to buy the greenest car and be the most environmentally friendly motorist you can be. We'll also have significant green developments online at whatcar.com soon.

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