C-Buggy: Face of Citroen's future

26 May 2006

  • C-Buggy concept shows off styling ideas
  • New Citroen small cars may borrow from it
  • Citroen 4x4 due next year, too


This dune buggy-style concept from Citroen might look pretty cool, but don't expect sand-in-your-face motoring from Citroen any time soon.

The car, on display at the Madrid Motor Show this week, will only lend elements of its design and styling to other cars, and will very likely remain just a concept.

Elements such as the transparent lower door panels and no-windscreen design are still unlikely to make an appearance on real cars, but the overall appearance gives a taste for how Citroen is developing its small-car styling.

However, if you do want to go off-road with Citroen, you'll get your chance next year, when the company launches its first 4x4.

This car is based around the next-generation Mitsubishi Outlander and is a rival for the likes of the Nissan X-Trail. Peugeot will also launch a 4x4 on the same platform next year.

Citroen also has plans for an unveiling at this summer's British Motor Show in London, but hasn't let slip what we can expect to see.

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