Congestion charge net cast wider

16 February 2007

London's congestion charge zone doubles in size on Monday, as it extends westward.

The wider net for the £8-a-day charge comes into effect on 7am on Monday and means the end of the charging period for the entire zone is shortened to 6pm from 6:30pm. The westward extension will capture far more residents than the original zone did, but they will still be eligible for the 90% reduction in the charge.

The southern limit of the extended zone follows Grosvenor Road and Chelsea Embankment. Its western edge is bordered by the southbound route of the Earls Court one-way system, the West Cross Route and Scrubs Lane.

In the north it is defined by part of Harrow Road, the Grand Union Canal and the Great Western Railway line.

Click here for a map of the enlarged zone.

Some Alternative Fuel Vehicles are entitled to a 100% discount from London's Congestion Charge. Click here for a full list of eligible cars, from the Energy Saving Trust's website.

• If Ken Livingstone is re-elected as Mayor in 2008, he wants to push forward plans to increase the congestion charge to £25 for vehicles emitting more than 225g/km of carbon dioxide. Residents with cars emitting this much carbon dioxide will also lose their 90% reduction under the plans.

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