First picture: Dodge Challenger

21 November 2005

  • First sketch of Dodge Challenger
  • Car to be unveiled at Detroit Motor Show
  • Dodge plans three products for UK market

Could the Dodge Charger be coming to the UK?

This is the Dodge Challenger concept which the manufacturer will unveil at the Detroit Motor Show in January.

It's based around the Chrysler 300C platform, which is sold in the UK in right-hand drive form, so it's technically possible to convert the Challenger to right-hand drive.

Currently there are no plans to take the car in this country, however. So far Dodge has only confirmed three products that will definitely come to the UK.

The first is the Ford Focus-sized Caliber, arriving in the UK next July. Then, in 2007, the manufacturer will launch a Ford Mondeo-sized family car and a compact off-roader called the Nitro to rival the likes of the Nissan X-Trail.

The four-door Charger, which like the Challenger also shares its underpinnings with the 300C, is still ruled out for the UK.

Dodges are available through the UK's 101 strong network of Chrysler dealers.

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