Free Kia Carens - if you have five kids

17 July 2007

  • Mums of quintuplets offered a free car
  • Other discounts for new mums
  • Kia also offers Cee'd diesels at petrol prices

Kia Carens

Kia is offering a new Carens for free - but only if you are a mother who has had quintuplets in the past six months or you are expecting to give birth to five babies later this year.

This headline-grabbing offer is part of a series of summer deals by Kia, but in reality it is unlikely to have to give any Carens away - quintuplets are rarely born, and the last set in Britain was born five years ago, in 2002.

Other offers on Carens for new mothers include a £500 discount if you have had one child, £1000 for twins, £3000 for triplets and £4000 for quadruplets.

All Carens buyers have the option of buying the G5 and GS5 models, introduced to mark a new five-year warranty for the car.

Costing £1000 less than standard G and GS models, they include front and rear electric windows and alloy wheels.

In addition, all Cee'd S, GS and LS diesels are being offered for the same price as their petrol counterparts - a potential saving of up to £1000.

Are you a new mum of five? We'll help you get your new Kia if you drop us a line by clicking here.

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