Government urges ESC as standard

18 June 2007

  • Report says ESC cuts road deaths by 25%
  • Government wants ESC as standard
  • 98% of our readers want ESC as standard

Electronic stability control is cheap for car makers to fit and can save lives

The Government is urging car manufacturers to fit Electronic Stability Control (ESC) as standard.

Cars fitted with ESC are 25% less likely to be involved in a fatal accident than those without it, according to new research commissioned by the Department for Transport at Loughborough University.

Road safety minister Dr Stephen Ladyman said: 'Today's research proves what a powerful tool ESC could be in saving lives. I urge anyone thinking of buying a new car to consider the safety benefits that ESC could bring.

'I also call on manufacturers to fit this important piece of kit as standard more widely - it's not expensive and has the potential to make our roads significantly safer.'

Last month, a Euro NCAP study on ESC showed that, out of the 25 European Union states, the UK finished 21st, with only 56% of new cars sold here having the safety kit fitted as standard. Euro NCAP called this statistic 'dreadful'.

A survey showed that 98% of readers wanted the safety device fitted as standard. To see the effects of how a car drives with and without ESC, take a look at our video below.

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