Jaguar XK wins key US safety award

27 April 2006

  • Jaguar's pop-up bonnet protects pedestrians
  • Citroen has similar system on C6
  • Other makers likely to follow

Jaguar's new XK has a pyrotechnic pop-up bonnet to cushion the blow of any impact on pedestrians

Pop-up bonnets that aim to help cushion pedestrians in collisions have earned the new Jaguar XK a safety award in the US.

The World Traffic Safety Symposium in America gave Jaguar the Automotive award for the coupe and convertible's bonnet. The pyrotechnic design creates more space between the bonnet and the engine and protects pedestrians better as a result.

Citroen has also developed a similar system for its new C6 executive car, technology which helped the French manufacturer earn the Safety Award in our Car of the Year awards earlier this year.

Pop-up bonnets are likely to become more common as safety legislators put greater emphasis on pedestrian protection.

The Euro NCAP crash test programme had originally wanted to combine pedestrian ratings with occupant ratings but scrapped the idea.

Combining the scores would have resulted in tougher results, which might have prompted even faster development of more pedestrian-friendly cars. Many tested today still offer little or no protection to pedestrians.

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