Lottery winner needs a new car

16 August 2007

  • Angela Kelly scoops £35 million
  • She wants a new Seat Ibiza-sized car
  • What should she buy?

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National Lottery winner Angela Kelly might have scooped £35 million, but she has set her sights on just two things - a home in the country and a replacement for her Seat Ibiza, which was recently written-off in an accident.

'I would rather stay in the same car', she told reporters while celebrating her win, which will net her £37,809 a week in interest alone. 'I like driving small cars.'

So, always happy to help motorists no matter what their budget, here's's guide to helping Mrs Kelly, who hails from East Kilbride, dip into her newly enlarged piggy bank.

Car options
Mini Cooper Convertible 1.6 16v Sidewalk
£20,265 – or four day's interest

Fast, agile and fun, if Mrs Kelly hasn't got enough of a spring in her step already, the Mini Cooper Convertible should add that extra zest.

If her estranged husband makes too many noises about sharing some of the cash, she can always pop the hood down and pretend that she can't hear, too.

Renault Clio 2.0 Renaultsport 197
£15,995 – or three day's interest

OK, so this one's more for the benefit of Mrs Kelly's 14-year-old son, John, who's just getting ready for his Standard Grade exams.

The acceleration and handling should be enough to keep even the most demanding teenager happy and, if Mum's feeling generous, it could even be offered as an incentive for him to sit his Highers.

Nissan Qashqai 2.0 dCi 4x4 Tekna
£20,849– or four day's interest

This may take a bit of persuasion, as it's a bit bigger than the Ibiza-sized car that Mrs Kelly wants.

However, it will give her plenty of space for the inevitable shopping trips, ensure that she has hassle-free journeys to and from her dream country home and, well, any car that has a name that sounds like 'cash' has to suit a lottery winner.

The extras
Let's be honest, despite choosing the most expensive models in each line-up, we haven't even been able to spend a week's interest on Mrs Kelly's earnings.

Here, then, are a few accessories we'd recommend for the car buyer for whom money is no object.

For starters, she'll need a personalised numberplate. The Angela-aping A176 ELA is available for £15,995.

Then there's the monogrammed wheel rims that Victoria Beckham sports on her LA-based Bentley Continental, which cost a reported £5000 each.

Although many of the best stereo systems can't be retro-fitted to cars because they're designed with each model's acoustics in mind, £15,000 should secure a music player that delivers near-perfect sound quality.

Likewise, an in-car television and DVD system that works in conjunction with the stereo could cost as much as £10,000.

Finally, the most expensive steering wheels in the world were used by the McLaren Formula One team during the 2006 Monaco Grand Prix.

A Steinmetz diamond was encased in each and, after the race, they were sold off for £200,000 each.

Admittedly, it would take a month's worth of bank interest for Mrs Kelly to be able to afford one, and it may look a little out of place on a Mini Cooper, but then it's not every day you become Britain's biggest lottery millionaire.

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