Make stability control standard

14 March 2007

  • Campaign to encourage fitting of stability control
  • What Car? believes it should be fitted as standard
  • Watch our video to see how it could save your life


A new campaign to encourage motorists to specify their cars with electronic stability control (ESC) will be launched in May, but What Car? says it should be standard equipment in every car.

The Europe-wide 'Choose ESC!' campaign will be launched by the FIA Foundation - a key partner in the Euro NCAP crash test programme - on May 8.

It follows Euro NCAP's recommendation that motorists should specify their cars with ESC and will detail the availability of the option across Europe.

FIA President Max Mosley, said: 'There is no doubt that ESC could contribute significantly to the European Union's goal to halve the number of road traffic fatalities by 2010. But to achieve this, much more needs to be done to inform the consumer about why they must choose ESC when buying a new car.'

What Car? believes motorists shouldn't have to make the choice, and that all cars sold in Europe should automatically be fitted with stability control. ESC has been shown to reduced road deaths by 30% - that's 1000 a year in the UK.

Our call is echoed by the influential Thatcham motoring research laboratory in the UK, while 98% of readers agree it should be fitted as standard.

Stability control typically costs £500 when specified as an option to a car, and as much as £1000 in some cases, but could be fitted to every model for as little as £50. Currently, only 40% of new cars sold in the UK are fitted with the life-saving system.

The FIA Foundation will launch its campaign with a demonstration of how effective stability control is, something has already proved in our own video.

Click on the following links to see how stability control could save your life.

Windows Media Player: ESP Video
RealOne Player: ESP Video

• Electronic stability control is known by a variety of acronyms including ESC, ESP, DSA and VSA.

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