More new concept cars from Nissan

10 October 2007

Nissan has released details of two more concept cars it will display at the Tokyo motor show.

Last week, we brought you pictures of the quirky Pivo 2 electric concept car, which features a cabin that can rotate 360 degrees and the ability to park sideways.

Now, joining it on the stand will be the Intima, a luxury saloon, and the Round Box, a concept car designed to give the car's occupants a real sense of speed.

Nissan says the Intima has 'an interior that invites passengers into an extraordinary world of artistic forms, materials and illumination'.

The car's front passenger seat swivels through 80 degrees to the outside, 'as if to welcome and escort a passenger into the car', according to Nissan.

Externally, Nissan says jewellery has had an influence in its design, with a 'crystal-like appearance of the front and rear lamps, grille and wheels'.

Round Box
If the Intima is designed to attract sophisticates who enjoy comfort and luxury, the Round Box goes for a different kind of driver altogether.

It seeks younger people who want to experience a real sense of speed, and part of the way the open-top car does this is with unique 'road surface windows'.

These windows are small glass panels close to the ground on both sides of the car, providing passengers with a view of the road surface flashing by.

The Tokyo motor show kicks off later this month.

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