No fold-flat seats for next Espace

04 April 2006

Renault says that its next Espace MPV won't have flexible seats which fold flat into the floor – but it's considering building a new, cheaper vehicle that will.

For the next Espace, due in 2009, the company expects to stick with conventional rear seats that lift out, rather than those that fold flat into the floor, found in the likes of the Chrysler Grand Voyager and the new Ford Galaxy.

Renault claims that the new Espace will be a more up-market vehicle, where passengers would want to recline back in their seats. Seatbelts in fold-flat seats can't do this, which, Renault says, is why it's sticking with conventional lift-out seats.

However, Renault is considering building a cheaper MPV which will have seats that fold into the floor. This new car could also arrive in 2009, and will be a rival to Ford's all-new S-Max.

Renault is waiting to see how well the Ford performs before committing to build the new model.

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