Now 4x4s will be dearer to insure, too

05 March 2007

A shake-up in how vehicles are categorised for insurance purposes could well mean that 4x4 drivers will pay more for their insurance.

For the first time, the Association of British Insurers (ABI) is taking into account how much a car weighs to determine its insurance group.

It's not environmental reasons that are driving the changes, though - instead, insurers reckon the heaviest models are the most likely to cause severe third party damage in collisions.

The ABI has increased the number of categories for motor insurance from 20 to 50, and most cars will fall into roughly equivalent categories as before.

Now, though, the heaviest models will jump into much higher categories.

• Research by AA Personal Loans has found that people planning to buy a 4x4 has halved between January and November last year.

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