One million drivers petition government

12 February 2007

  • One million sign anti-road-charging petition
  • Transport secretary says he will listen to worries
  • Government says road-charging still inevitable

The Government says road-charging is inevitable to beat congestion, but a million drivers oppose it

Transport secretary Douglas Alexander has promised to listen to UK motorists after an online petition against road-charging collected more than one million signatures.

The petition is now the most popular on 10 Downing Street's e-petitions website, after collecting one million signatures on Saturday. It was started by Peter Roberts from Shropshire and runs until February 20.

Alexander said that he will listen to people's concerns about road-charging, but insisted that the UK had no choice 'but to deal with congestion'.

He said: 'Ultimately, it will be a matter for parliament to make decisions, but it is important that people have the chance to have their say and no doubt people will offer a range of opinions during that debate'.

The Government says that a nationwide system of charging is inevitable and could be in place by 2015.

The petition to 'Scrap the planned vehicle tracking and road-pricing policy can be found here.

What do you think?
Last year, we ran our own poll to gauge reaction to pay-as-you-go road charging, and over 99% of our readers said they were against the policy.

Have you changed your mind? Do you think they only way to cut congestion is to start charging to use our roads? Or is road-charging the only way to deal with our clogged-up roads?

We'd like to hear from you again. Tell us your thoughts by clicking one of the e-mail links below.

For road-charging
Against road-charging

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