Readers give Jaguar XF the thumbs-up

04 September 2007

The Jaguar XF has been voted a resounding hit with readers.

In an online poll 62% of readers said they loved the design of the luxury saloon, which will cost from £33,900 when it goes on sale in March 2008.

A further 21% said they liked the design, with just 11% saying they didn't like it and 6% saying they hated it.

Reader comments
'This is the first Jaguar that has made me sit up and take notice. I have always labelled Jaguar cars as the next step into middle age, but not any more! But I would like some reassurance on the future of Jaguar before committing to a purchase, something that may well frighten other potential buyers into a BMW, Mercedes or Audi.'
Darren Neill

'The XF is the most stunning and innovative new car I’ve seen in years and I can’t wait to buy one! It is so refreshing to see something that is so different, as the competition is just revamping old ideas. The only thing I would say is that I hope an estate version isn’t too long away, as I find my Jaguar X-Type so versatile, especially when taking our son to and from university.'
Rob Beckett

'This Jag is a C-class, 5 Series and A6 buster. It is the car Jaguar has been promising for decades. It looks fantastic and from every angle oozes quality and class. No longer will the Germans have the last word on sporting executive motoring.'
Kevin Twinn

'The front view looks awful and more like a Japanese car than a Jaguar. When I first set eyes on the pictures I thought it was an enlarged Lexus, which some may say is no bad thing if it is as reliable. It's just a pity they didn't use the same grille front as the XK - then it would have looked like a Jag.'
Brian Wood

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