Recalls from Vauxhall and VW

23 February 2007

  • Recall issued on more than 26,000 new Corsa
  • Suspension arms could snap
  • Volkswagen recalls nearly 5000 Golf and Golf Plus

Vauxhall is recalling its new Corsa range over suspension arm concerns

Vauxhall is recalling more than 26,000 new Corsa superminis over fears the steering could fail - but only around 25 (0.1%) cars are expected to be affected.

The manufacturer has found that improper welds could cause the suspension arms to snap and lead to a loss of control, so it wants to inspect all of its latest superminis.

Vauxhall also says that the suspension fracture would also only occur after prolonged use, so no customers have yet been affected.

Owners of all-new Corsas are being contacted with the offer of free checks and remedial work. If improper welds are identified, owners will immediately be given a replacement car to use as improvements are done.

Volkswagen wants to check 4842 Golf and Golf Plus models because a heating element may not be earthed properly and could lead to a fire. Cars carrying the VIN numbers from WVWZZZ1KZ7W534410 to WVWZZZ1KZ7W582714 and WVWZZZ1KZ7W087591 to WVWZZZ1KZ7W159870 are potentially affected.

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