Revealed: motorists don't buy green

11 June 2007

An exclusive survey has revealed that just one in ten motorists puts the environment at the top of their buying agenda, while nearly half are unaware of energy efficiency labels for new cars.

Latest Government figures suggest that personal car journeys account for more than one-tenth of the UK's total carbon emissions, and there are now a series of tax breaks and incentives for buyers of greener cars, so these figures show how difficult it is to make green issues the top priority for car buyers.

Only 9.6% of drivers said green issues were their number-one priority, behind price (43.1%) and equipment levels (26.5%). A car's image is the most important motivation for 20.7% of buyers - more than twice the figure for green issues.

Although 46.4% of drivers had not heard of the fridge-style energy efficiency labels that have been introduced to help motorists make greener choices, 97.5% recognised that an 'A' rated car would be greener than a 'G' rated car.

When motorists were asked if they were bothered about the environmental impact of a car's manufacturing process, more drivers said they cared than didn't care. In all, 41.5% said they cared about this impact, compared with 31.2% who didn't.

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