Safety recalls from Renault and Porsche

30 January 2006

Porsche exhausts and Renault automatic gearboxes have prompted safety recalls by the two manufacturers.

Just 58 Renault Modus are potentially affected by the automatic transmission fault, which can cause the gearbox to disengage the 'park' setting. Cars built between October 10 to October 25 2005 are affected.

Porsche has found that welds on the exhaust hanger bracket of the 911 might not be up to scratch. This can initially cause a rattling noise, but exhausts could fall off if the car continues to be driven without attention.

In all, 2598 of the latest 911 design (the 997) built between September 20005 and October 2005 are potentially affected.

All owners are being contacted with the offer of free checks and remedial work at their local garage.

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