Sexy new style for Kia

14 December 2006

  • Kue concept car hints at new look for Kia
  • Billed as a driving enthusiast's 4x4
  • Goes on display in Detroit in January

Kie Kue

Kia is hoping to continue shedding its budget-brand image with the unveiling of the Kue concept car at the Detroit motor show in January.

The South Korean manufacturer's latest concept car is a 4x4 with added attitude. It focuses on performance rather than practicality, and driving pleasure rather than carrying capacity.

The Kue is around the same length as a Range Rover Sport, and that rides on 22-inch wheels (it seems the wheels on concept cars need to be at least 20-inches).

Even so, Kia stresses that the Kue does hint at the company's future styling direction. It’s certainly a long way removed from the humdrum Sportage and Sorrento, and could do wonders for the brand if it ever went into production.

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